Why Choose Us

Breakfast Provision

Dynamix offers breakfast at no additional cost to Out of School Hours attendees. Overall, Dynamix offers a variety of breakfast provision options, including a healthy breakfast and a grab-and-go breakfast. We provide a breakfast that is balanced, free from added sugars, and made from nutrient-rich ingredients so that children are well-fed and ready to learn.

Pickup and drop off Service

Dynamix has got you covered with our school pickup service. Your kid’s safety is our top priority. We can pick them up and drop them off safely. Our school pickup and drop-off service is a convenient way for kids to get to and from school. We can help you get your children to an early start, pick them up when they are ready to go and drop them off after school. We can even taxi them to after school activities for a small fee.

Outdoor Sports and Heathy Activities

In addition to providing a safe and secure environment for your kids, we provide fun activities and group activities to keep your kids stimulated and engaged in activities that will benefit them during their Out of School Hours Care. We arrange many healthy Activities for your kids after school hours with trained and experienced staff.

Friendly and Trained Staff

Our staff is here to provide the best services for your children during out-of-school hours. The staff will make sure that you get the best care and attention. A lot of time and effort has been spent by staff in providing the best care possible to your children. Our staff follow certain rules and regulations and make ensure that the kids are having all the fun and care they deserve.

Upcoming School Holiday Program

We are pleased to announce that there are many Upcoming School Holiday programs arranged by our creative staff. Dynamix will be offering educational and entertaining programs for children. Our programs for children and teens offer a fun, positive, and engaging environment where children can learn and grow, while also building confidence, self-esteem, and friendships.

DID YOU KNOW? If your circumstances have changed, you may qualify for the Work and Income OSCAR Subsidy